Organizations That Partner With The DBSP.

The works closely with the following set of Partner Organizations, both South African and International.

The DBSP actively works with the organizations listed in the table below. These parnerships are symbiotic, meaning that both add to each other's offering and complement the other. For example, you will see the organization GIG below. They help people get out of debt and get into assets. The DBSP activly partners with GIG to offer DBSP students the mechanism through the GIG program to get out of debt. This is hugely important because if one is in debt, this debt will influence the stability and sustainability of the new business one is in, oris about to start.

The Generational Inheritance Group (GIG)
GIG is an organization that has a very strong message for people to think and plan three generationally, i.e. for their children's children. All successful families work to a 3 generational model and plan their affairs accordingly. Thus they are stable, wealthy families. In this day and age of consumerism, most people think in one generational terms of me, myself and I. They are gererally heavily in debt and live their entire lives moving from one crisis of debt to another. The GIG group, which is a membership-based organization has mechenisms in place to help and coach its members to get out of debt, using 0% interest loans and then to put their money to work for them in wealth-producing assets.
The Community Chamber Of Commerce (CCC)
Global Entrepreneurial Organization (GEO)

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